Warranty Policy

User through the regular channels to buy Haiway mini projector can enjoy the state of digital products "Three Guarantees" service:

1)If the performance failure occurs in the case of normal use, the user can choose a replacement or repair within 15 days from the data of purchase.( For the agents returned package for 3 months)
2)The user with the warranty card in the company designated locations can enjoy the whole machine 12 months warranty service(Agents and distributors can enjoy a period of 13 months free warranty service), Accessories is not in warranty.
3)In order to protect your interests , please properly keep your invoice and warranty card, do not lose. Warranty card only use in products sold by Jiawei.
4)If you couldn’t provide a valid purchase invoice or warranty card, Jiawei will calculation the warranty time according to the production date.
5)The warranty card will be taken effect after the seal by the agent or distributor.
6)It is necessary for user to fill in the warranty card seriously and make sure the information is correct . Jiawei will not take any responsibility for the untimely maintenance because of the wrong information.

The following conditions are not included in the free warranty:

1)The product is beyond the warranty period
2)The user does not follow the instructions for the use of the wrong installation, storage and use of products caused by failure or damage.
3)Due to natural disasters and other irresistible factors (such as earthquake, fire, lightning) or human causes (including operating errors, scratches, handling, bumping, inappropriate input etc.) caused machine failure or damage.
4)Product failure or damage caused by repair , alteration or removal by a non-authorized person of Jiawei.
5)The user use non original accessories caused machine failure or damage. 
6)Bar code on the product is different to bar code of warranty card.

7)Change the warranty and warranty card without permission.

Maintenance service

Over warranty period, Jiawei provide paid replacement parts and free maintenance service in the case of accessories , the user should bear the return shipping.
1)User can entrust the distributor to contact Jiawei company.
2)User can contact Jiawei company directly.
3)User want to buy the single accessories or need to repair because of human causes in the warranty period .